REEC’s novel Flash Pyrolysis Catalysis technology allows for the transfer of hydrogen from water to hydrocarbon residuals at atmospheric pressure and moderate temperatures. This ground breaking process, is capable of processing used motor and industrial oils, tanks bottoms and orphan refinery streams such as vacuum residues (VR), slurry oils. It’s also capable of transforming extra heavy crudes and bitumen into high quality synthetic crude.
Rational Energy and Environment CO
  • Founded in 1994
  • Developer/owner of technology
  • Over 15 patents worldwide
  • Provides test facility to support current & future applications
  • Technology has been operating successfully & profitably since 2012
Unlike traditional hydrogen donating technologies which leave behind a significant carbon footprint, REEC’s patented process produces and applies hydrogen at once, In-situ. This allows for a unprecedented level of efficiency which translates into lower GHG emissions and overall impact on the environment. It also translates into a significant reduction in CapEx and OpEx vs. the traditional approach.

How Are We Different?

Traditional approach


MTF's Approach

In-situ hydrogen production and use.

Hydrogen produced from water.