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MTF is Making The Future
with greener, safer, cleaner and more sustainable

MTF utilizes REEC’s ground breaking Flash Pyrolysis Catalysis technology which allows for the transfer of hydrogen from water to hydrocarbon residuals at atmospheric pressure and moderate temperatures. Our novel “Green-Tech” upgrades, reduces or eliminates undesired residual streams, lowering GHG emissions such as CO 2 , N₂O, CH₄ from existing refining processes, offering immediate, quantifiable environmental benefits.

MTF – Brief History

MTF Holdings was founded in 2018 to develop and commercialize hydrogen-based technologies to help reduce and treat hydrocarbon residual streams.
Our “green-tech” process reduces overall carbon footprint and Capex when compared to traditional refining processes and offers immediate, quantifiable environmental and economic benefits.
About us

REEC – Brief History

Rational Energy Environmental Co. (REEC) Founded in 1994 to treat drill cuttings associated with the E&P industry. Main clients included Halliburton, Schlumberger & Baker Hughes. REEC is responsible for 15 patents registered worldwide including the Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Technology which allows for hydrogen donation from H₂O into hydrocarbons and other molecules at atmospheric pressure.


SAVAGE Services / Sinclair Oil Corp, PEMEX, Iowa State University, Industrial Realty Group (IRG), are among the groups which have independently validated our “green-tech” hydrocarbon processing technology that has been in operation since 2012.

How Are We Different?

Traditional approach

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REEC Technology

In-situ hydrogen production and use.

Hydrogen produced from water.

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